Monday, December 23, 2013

Recent Business Writing Topics

Many individuals and small business owners rely heavily on the internet as a source of information. However, some search engines (especially Google) have made this more difficult during the past several years. It should not come as a surprise to learn that Google and others have done this under the guise of “improving the internet.” But is it really an improvement from the perspective of someone looking for help about a topic as important as restructuring their business to be led by the search engines to paid advertisers, newspapers and university research?

How Objective Are Search Engines Funded by Advertisers?

Google has unilaterally decided what content is worthwhile and has effectively assigned everything else to an internet trash pile. So it is now much more difficult for interested readers to find many special reports published by me and other business experts. This is primarily because an increasing number of online publications have failed some mysterious test in the secret Google search engine algorithm that determines what you will find. So now, when you are looking for help or information about “legal due diligence for investing in businesses” or “building a home with a silent partner,” you should lower your expectations about how helpful a search engine like Google will really be.

Here are some of the topics I have written about recently (all of which are published somewhere on the internet even if Google pretends that they don’t exist):

  • Impact of Working Capital in Manufacturing Companies
  • Why Are So Many Condominiums Sold for Cash Only?
  • Corporate Debt Restructuring Guidelines
  • More Questions Than Answers?
  • How to Cut Your Cable Bill
  • Legal Due Diligence for Investment in Companies
  • What Is a Roku?
  • Making Smart Career Transitions
  • How Can Businesses Invest in Foreclosures?
  • Effects of Inflation on Self-Storage Investments
  • How Do Franchises Divide Territories?
  • Practical Business Writing Help
  • Does Medicare Pay for Prescription Medications in Nursing Homes?
  • How to Build a Home With a Silent Investor
  • What Is Needed for a Business Restructuring Plan?

Authority Value According to Google

One of the criteria now relied on by Google to determine “authority value” for a website is whether the publisher is a newspaper, university or “none of the above.” While some of my special reports are in fact published by universities and newspapers such as the Houston Chronicle, the majority are published by other highly-respected sources such as Zacks Investment Research. But good luck in finding them in a normal search unless you happen to enter the exact title. Google has its own agenda in deciding what to show you in search results. Their agenda is not necessarily resulting in the “best” or “most complete” search engine results for internet users. However, based on Google’s profits, it is clear that their search engine agenda is very popular with their advertising clients and other paying customers.

Two Questions About Search Results

Should we depend on Google to determine what internet information is highly-respected?
When you have a question to research on the internet, do you want Google to emphasize the organizations and advertisers that write the biggest checks to Google?

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