Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Business Planning or Negotiating?

Business Planning Strategy
Business Negotiating or Business Planning?

The question that many small business owners ask is a variation of the title: "Should I make business planning or business negotiating a higher priority?" The prioritizing of business problems is an excellent way to approach the handling of multiple tasks. As most small businesses already realize, there are often too many items on the plate to handle at any given time. Certainly if the only two serious problems were the need to examine business negotiations and business plans, it would make total sense to prioritize the relative importance of each. But in the imperfect world that small business owners are usually operating in, there are probably five or ten (or more) small business problems requiring attention simultaneously. That is exactly why prioritizing becomes an essential task. So there will rarely be a choice as clear as "negotiating or planning?" or even "planning or negotiating or financing?"

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